Wow. .. Just Wow.

 Everything is different. So. Damned. Different.

 I'm looking through my journal seveal months since my legible post and I'm like, "WHAT!?!" I haven't been here since June and it's getting pretty whacked up in La-La Lenaland. Which is one of the many reasons, might I add, that I am moving my blogging to and similar blogs.

 So yeah.


Killing Time and Changing my Pen Name

Killing your Darlings

 I recently heard a post by the Writing Excuses team that talked about sometimes having to kill your darlings. This means killing off scenes or possible laughs to make the book better in all. I take this post in a different meaning. Read on to learn more.

 You know what sucks? When you are typing and suddenly, something you didn't plan gets stuck in with everything else and before long you've gotten six pages, one death, and the final scenes coming out of your fingers. My magical shirt has worked again, my friends. I typed out six or so pages in an hour and, yes, killed on of my darling characters. 

 Another thing I killed was the word 'Chapter'. Yes, I am taking the route of young author, Amelia Atwater-Rhodes by making a mini-language of my own. It's that wonderful languages, Limbonian, that is spoken in the first layer of Hell, Limbonia (or Limbo. It all depends who you talk to). 

 But anyways, I'm still a bit down about the death of my character. Dying in a fight is a horrid way to lose, but it worked. It's something that I don't think my readers will expect.

 By the way, I've been working on getting a cast together for a podcast of TSLC. It will have different people as different characters, most of them by myself or my twin friends, Dyl and Sav. It will be a free Podiobook if I can even finish it in the first place. I've gotten 23 pages in all! Go me!

Panic at the Disco (Post-!!!), Rewriting Hell, and Birthdays

 Welp, it's 'der birthday again. My own. 

 Yeah, I know. Big whoppie! More important issues are at hand.

 First, I changed my picture! 

 I'm also writing more of the ORIGINAL Inferno which is, by the way, fifty five pages long. I'm going for 150. PATD has helped with a few of their newest brands of songs. As has the Fray who, with their slow rhaps, have made the gentle scenes more gentle and the fight scenes more powerful. 

 I'm all written out, so this is all you will get.

 I'm still alive,


Sa-Dar, Rewriting Hell (Literally), Writing Replies, and Tag


Let me just say that I hate Blog Tag.

For those with blogs, you know that the most infuriating thing in the world is when someone comes to your blog and 'tags' you. This forces you to go to another blog (and do TONS of hunting for one) and tag them. But I am not going to play the insipid little game. It's stupid and I am not that bored quite yet.

Here's a reminder. Don't frigging play Blog Tag with me because I'm already irritated enough at the world with all my stereotypical angst and such.

Now that I'm done with that miniature rant, I can begin on talking about my new

Yes, I have a super power. I discovered it just now as I turned on my beautiful Zune-Love and turned on the radio. I do not turn the radio on often, might I add. It's not that I don't like it, I do. But I have many good songs on my Zune (including the beautiful free music and Writing podcasts that I get weekly) and there is really no need.
So I turned on the Zune's radio and, for the eight time this week, Sara Bareilles was playing on the radio. I would say this was a coincidence if not for the fact that everytime I've just-so-happened to turn on the radio in the past three weeks, Sara was playing. I adore Sara and it's as if I have a Special Sara-Sense, or a Love Song-Alert. . . Or a Sa-Dar! So now I am the owner of the best power in the music business since Kat gained the ability to listen to me rant about The Burning Hell or since Kay-Da began to be able to listen to music on the internet at her aunt's houses! (Hi Kat-who-only-reads-this-when-bored!) So . . Yeah

And now onto the bigger topic . . .Rewriting Hell. WIP2 has been outlined and scheduled for a three-part deal, all three will have the same characters
hopefully (Not-so-Poetic Danielle; Mother of Reason, Virginia C. Fret; the Brutally Honest Child, Queen-ish Helen; and Not-Titled Revues) and only the first part has been entirely outlined. I've got a decent idea of what I want. I have a three-page-long outlining of all the stuff that happens in each layer of Hell . . . But even with the help of my favorite writing podcast, Writing Excuses, I have not been able to write that first craptastic chapter that will later be replaced or deleted. I've written five different beginning paragraphs and all of them have misleading promises that sound like every single 'I'm Dead' book (when only two of my characters are dead, and the book's not told from their perspective!) that has come out since the beginning of time. Yes, I'm counting Vampire books as well when I say 'I'm Dead' books.

I haven't done a site of the week in a VERY long time, so I have two things to pip in. is a site that has a free novel that just got minor publishing. I can see why it wasn't published (it sounds like an amateur novel, albeit a good one) but it's worth a read. I just printing out 35 pages of it and plan to read it in a heartbeat.

If you have a Zune or an iPod, look up Writing Excuses in your podcast section! A lot of good writing advice from three viewpoints (a comic strip writer, a horror writer, and a sci-fi/fantasy writer). Their latest podcast inspired the villain of WIP2 (MHUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!) and they have about 9 episodes counting Bonus Content.

So, until later. . .


I've GOTTA talk about this .. .

 I started re-writing my somewhat morbidly humourous WIP2. I ADORE the work, but I needed a Scooby-Doo type song that had an old 'mystery' vibe to it. I uploaded a TON of songs for free that were by bands that weren't very popular.

 Well, I've found a few gems. The first one is my all-time favorite and I've listened to it eight times already, probably more. It's called "Grave Situations Part 1" by The Burning Hell. It's a song about 2 lovers and one (the husband, of course) has cheated on another. They have a fight and the man kills his wife. They have a funeral and . .. Well, you know that saying: "Hell hath no fury like the revenge of a middle aged woman"? Well, apparently, this version is: "Hell hath no fury like revenge of a dead woman" because as soon as everyone thinks the girl was buried, she comes out of the grave and says: "Aloha, I'm back and I've got some business to do." It's a very quirky song that has that mystery theater sound to it. It's very pleasing.

 The second is the song, "Put Down Your Weapons" by Scissors for Lefty (by the way, I just now learned how to spell scissors and I feel like a dumb arse) which is about a man who has been imprisoned and is now out with a knife and is trying to fly on an airplane.

 The third is 'Pedestrian' by The Ocean Blue which is mainly about seeing a person on the side of the road, not helping, and then something horrible happening .. .So, yeah.

 Just had to tell someone of my newly found indie-rock passions.

Update Post

 Hey Chicas and Chicos.

 'tis L-la again. Here's the dealio.

 I'm ONE fifth done with WIP2/SLC/TNI. I'm going through the chapters I have now and either A. Re-writing them or B. Adding in new stuff. I'm changing the characters and I might as well start all over again. I figured something out: Most of my characters were relativily the same! Yeah, I know, weird right? So, how ever painful it may be, I'm starting over and using the old chapters as a template. 

WIP is un-officially titled!

 Okay, so I was thinking in Math. . . Again. (I'll NEVER pass Algebra if this keeps on)  and I made a list of celebs for the characters. I made them and went to a good graphics site and requested a graphic for it to be done. I would be using it for the cover for when I turn it in. I BEGGED for the person to put their name on it so that people wouldn't think I made it. Here's the result:

From left to right: Virginia (the mentor archetype), Helen of Troy ( the sidekick archetype) and Danielle, our heroine. I'll have another made with Sarsha, Craig, Anthony, and Revues later.

Screw you!

 Okay, you may worry about me because of my vulgarity, but it's what I thought a few days ago when the librarian informed me that writing on the library's computer was not OK because so many people were using/wanting to use the computers. It'd be one thing if this were true. But as it was, there was 21 empty computers out of twenty three.
 But today, I got completely permission. Why? Because if you are writing for a homework/school assignment, they cannot tell you to get off. WIP2 is now officially my "Lena, if you want to turn in a hundred page long assignment for a mandatory two pager. ..  OK?" project! My ELA teacher is assigning us to write a 'myth' and since my story fits into that catagory (It has a mentor taking a hero through a series of events. More characters get added on, including the hard headed caring person and the witty, eye-rolling man) I get to turn it in in bits and pieces. He said if I wanted to turn it in before it was done, that'd be OK but only because I promised tolet him read the rest. 
  I'm on twenty one pages and hit fifteen thousand words today. That's right FIFTEEN! The problem? I think it's going to be MUCH shorter than I may've thought. . . . Things that normally happen on page 50 (A new character) or page seventy (another new character that helps find a character who's now officially in deep shit ) is happening on page 18 and 21. 
 Speaking of, remember when I said I wanted to add on a guy? Well, I was typing in Virginia's name when I completly screwed up. It showed up as jibberish and, once I spell checked it, came up as Revues. How they got Revues out of Vigribity I have no idea. But that one little blunder made me think about how, instead of finding Virginia in the darkness, they could've found someone else wh claimed to be her so that they would help. My thinking came up with Revues, a ex-angel who used to be among the ranks of Seraphim until Mr Morning Star himself convinced a bunch of his buddies (Including Revues) to e in his little plot. When it failed, they all got sent down. Revues landed in a mud pit and had been stuck in the dried mud since. Well, he was until a young girl fell into the mud pit and used his face as a foot hold. . . So now they have their own little Angel (Who Helen calls 'CHICKEN BOY!' because of the puny hairless wings that Revues now has) and Virginia is still absent. No idea where she is quite yet. . . . . . . . . . Have to think about that, won't I?
 Well, that's what Math is for, is it not?